What to do against Iran ? 

The more I think of it, the more I believe an israeli attack on Iran's nuclear sites would be the best solution. For these reasons :

1) Arab and muslim peoples already hate Israel, and already seek its destruction. Therefore, nobody can say it would create more anger and frustration against the jewish state, as there could simply not be more.

2) European leftists could take their usual polls-lifting posture against such an "outrageous , barbarian agression", hoping to see their approval ratings rise enough for them to be re-elected.
I'm sure Chirac and Villepin still believe they both can be president thanks to a conflict they could oppose like they did. Actually the only popular thing they've ever done for our country : being cowards.

3) UN's security council, after years of inefficient "negociations and diplomacy", could do nothing more than calling itself "taken by surprise", and maybe condemning Israel for such irresponsible doing. Nothing new here.

4) Iran, as a reaction, would state Israel should be "wiped off" map. Oops, already done.

Well that's just my opinion, but I must say there's no perfect solution to me.
What do you think should be done to neutralize Iran's nuclear threat ?


Country Music 

I don't think I ever talked of it, but I'm a big fan of country music ! I like lots of different singers and bands such as :

The Eagles, Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler, Keith Urban, Vince Gill, Shania Twain, Dierks Bentley, Johnny Cash (go and see Walk the line, definitely worth it !), Alison Kraus, Dwight Yoakam, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Gretchen Wilson, Brad Paisley, Sara Evans, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and so many more !

If you'd like to know a little more about Country Music, you should definitely have a look at Lucie's blog !

It's called Lucky Honky Tonk and is about to become one of the most complete french website about country music, but also american culture (Texas, clothes, way of life, etc) in general !

You're gonna love it !


Got a website ? 

You too,
display a banner in support of freedom of speech !

Thanks to the dissident frogman for his amazing job.

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Sometimes pictures speak better than words...

Parfois les images parlent mieux que les mots...

Thanks Dave.


So true... 


I'm not the only one... 

Voici le forum pro-américain d'Alicia et Victoria.
Si vous aussi vous aimez l'Amérique, vous aimerez ce forum ! N'hésitez pas à nous y rejoindre... Politique, musique, sport, on y parle de tout ce qui touche aux USA.

Alicia and Victoria's pro american board. If you like America, you'll like this message board !


American Vertigo 

French intellectual Bernard Henry Levy's American Vertigo was just published here in France.

I used to like this guy. I mean really. He's honnestly against anti-americanism, just like I am. He probably likes America more than most people here do. But the thing is he himself contributes to this anti-americanism.

Excerpts of his book were published in the magazine Le Point in which BHL has a regular page.
I'ts only appalling.
When his portray of Bush as a ungrown child and an idiot who has missed everything in his life, he sounds like Les guignols de l'info (a french caricatural puppet show). It's just getting ridiculous.

I'm not sure BHL would have graduated at the Yale University. I'm pretty sure what disturbs BHL is Bush coming from Texas (not from NYC, you know...), and having succeeded more than most Americans. More than BHL himself. And more than lots of previous presidents too, he who according to BHL, "was not made to be president".

What also disturbs me, and probably the most, is how he can on the one hand criticize Bush's "manichean" vision of the world, separating good from evil and on the other hand say, to sum up, that there are two Americas :
one liberal America, which is smart, visionary and one conservative America, which is obviously dumb, unconscious and mistaken.

No, Bernard-Henry, you don't respect America. You respect half America, which means you misrespect another half. No, Bernard-Henry, you're not helping America by saying half of it is retarded. No, you're definitely not making France less anti-american by publishing such misrepresentation of America.

Democrats or republicans, Americans are worth the same. There is no smarter, brighter, or better side. Americans are a great people, no matter what they think and (as far as Pat Robertson is not the president) who they vote for.

My ideas being closer to the republicans' doesn't make me slur about or feel superior to democrats. I wish you had the same humility and respect that Tocqueville had when he wrote his book, but it's definitely not the case.

At least the title is well chosen. Dear friend BHL, America definitely gave you vertigo.


More & more comments 

I'd like to thank you guys from the US who come and drop a comment. It's really nice to know I'm getting more and more readers lately even though I hadn't been posting much.

Even better to know you guys appreciate having a different point of vue coming from the land of frogs, wine, and snails.

I love America, and there's nothing I can do about it. Sorry guys, I'm not recovering from that ! Cuz it's actually no disease ;)

Edit : I disabled the Haloscan comments system to use the integrated Blogspot.com comments instead. All previous comments have therefore disappeared. Feel free to write new ones !


What our relationship should be 



I would like to thank all the people who have written e-mails in the past months supporting me and which I have not answered. This is definitely something I should have done, but which I kept postponing until I had to format my hard disk drive a few days ago.

I'm not sure whether this blog is useful, and neither am I sure that any blog ever is. I don't know if I ever convinced anyone my ideas were right. Well, actually this is not the point nor the original intent of this blog.

What I wanted was showing Americans that some French still like America.

I had to say once more that I am French, as it seems unclear to lots of the people who write or leave comments.
I am French, and I love America.
I love America as a country, and I love Americans as a people. Having spent a lot of time in the USA, I know both quite well.
Despite all the crap our media can and will ever say.

I love America, and I do believe its president's actions are both right and appropriate.

I do believe democracy is the right answer to the misery that leads to terrorism.
I do believe Arab states deserve, as much as any other, freedom of speech, and that Arab women should have the same rights as men.

I do not believe staying home watching television or complaining in the streets and demanding higher salaries and less working hours is an appropriate answer to 9/11/01.
I do not believe life before and after that day should have been the exact same life.
I do not believe a threat like the one we've seen should have been ignored, in the name of "peace".

I do not believe our president's actions and saying were either right nor appropriate.

I will try, once more, to post more often and comment on the news.
One thing I can say to start about the news : french media seemed really embarassed the Iraqi Elections happened perfectly well. One can guess why. ;-)


Yes ! 

No wins !

Oui !

C'est non !

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